Windmill Ranch

Housing Development Type: New Construction of Family Housing
Number of Housing Units: 96
NDC Equity Investment: $7.3 Million
Total Development Cost: $21 Million
Partners: Brighton Housing Authority

Windmill Ranch is the new construction of a 96-unit affordable housing in Brighton, CO, 20 miles outside of Denver. The garden-style apartments are designed for families, with 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments priced at 30-60% AMI. Solar panels were installed on the roof of each of the three apartment buildings. Individual units are outfitted with washers, dryers, Energy-Star rated appliances and private balconies. In addition, the project has a one-story clubhouse with a fitness center, community space, and free wi-fi. The Brighton Housing Authority will host career and college launch seminars in the community space, and the complex’s on-site manager will host events as well. The development is within easy walking distance of shops and transit links to downtown Denver and Denver International Airport.