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The American Model™ for Public-Private Partnerships

NDC’s American Model™ of P3 works on behalf of a government or non-profit entity to deliver privately designed, built, financed, operated and maintained facilities. Our process ensures the best possible building for the least cost and burden to the governmental or non-profit entity. Our emphasis is always on the “Public” in Public-Private Partnerships and we work to reduce and guarantee cost without reducing the quality of the building and without compromising the long and short term public or non-profit interest.

Over $2.5 Billion in Total Development

NDC P3™ projects include municipal office space, city halls, justice centers, parking garages, laboratory space, student housing, libraries, biomedical facilities, and hospitals. We have completed over 3.7 million square feet of usable development space.

Every Project Completed On-Time and Under Budget



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