Thank you for completing the PPP request form, if you are a qualified borrower we will reach out to you to complete the application process.

In the meantime, please gather the following documentation:

1. Please fill out the form 2483 (download below), borrower application form. Note, as you fill out the application, please be sure to initial by hand questions five and six on the first page of the application and to initial by hand the acknowledgements page on page two. Lastly, please sign, also by hand, the signature block on page two.

2. As support documentation, to verify company payroll, please collect as follows:

– Please send the state specific quarterly combined withholding, wage reporting and unemployment report for either Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4 of 2019 or Q2, Q3, Q4 of 2019 and Q1 of 2020 (for example, in New York, these reports are entitled the, “NYS-45 Web”) or en leiu of the quarterly reports, please send all W-2’s for your 2019 employees.

– Likewise, as additional support, please feel free to send internal, company quarterly payroll reports and documentation that verifies health insurance premiums paid, and retirement plan contributions. Please note that the documentation specific to item (b) is not necessary for processing of an application, but may lead to larger PPP loan amount approval.

– Please send the 2018 business tax return for the borrower or if available, please send the 2019 business tax return.

– License or Passport ID

3. Utilizing either the quarterly payroll reports or W-2’s (referenced in item (a) above) please itemize all employee compensation on an annualized basis on the  “Sample Employee Listing.” (download below) Please ensure that your average monthly and average monthly x_A- 2.5 at the bottom of the sample employee listing matches to page one of those same figures presented on the form 2483.

4. Please draft a simple statement, less than paragraph, that documents the affect of the COVID-19 crisis on your business.


Sample Employee Listing
SBA Form 2483