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City of DeSoto Residential Assistance Program

Program Purpose: The City of DeSoto Residential Assistance Program is a temporary grant program designed to provide financial assistance to eligible applicants for the payment of rent, mortgage, utility bills (not City of DeSoto provided utilities), and childcare costs.

Preapplication Dates: The pre-application will open on August 24, 2020 and close on September 14, 2020.

Link to the Pre-Application: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/DeSotoResidential

Funding: Over $1,500,000 million of Coronavirus Relief Fund funding (as provided by the CARES Act)

Type of assistance: Grant.

Payments will be made directly to the landlord, mortgage company, childcare provider, and/or utility company. 

Maximum COMBINED rental/mortgage/utility assistance & childcare grant amount per household: $8000
•   Maximum rental/mortgage/utility assistance grant amount per household: $6000
•   Maximum childcare assistance grant amount per household: $3600

Maximum grant calculation: 3 months of rent/mortgage/utilities/childcare expenses or $8000, whichever is less.

Maximum household income: 

Family Size Maximum Income
1 $60,400
2 $69,000
3 $77,600
4 $86,200
5 $93,100
6 $100,000
7 $106,900
8 $113,800

Household income calculation: Includes total monthly wages, salaries/tips and other income such as: alimony, child support, Social Security, SSI, TANF, unemployment, pension, retirement, disability, special pay & allowances of a member of the Armed Forces, or other benefits.  Savings capped at $25,000. Assets not taken into account. 

Other eligibility requirements: 
•   Applicant must be resident of the City of DeSoto.
•   Applicant must be a U.S. citizen or legal resident.
•   Applicant must demonstrate that the household experienced financial hardship due to COVID-19.
•  Applicant may not be delinquent in the payment of Dallas County taxes; currently be in a lawsuit with the city; be an elected official of the city or a city employee; or have a relationship with the City of DeSoto that constitutes a conflict of interest. (Note: Volunteer members of a city board or commission are eligible)
•   Housing vouchers holders not eligible for rental and utility assistance.
•   Lease or mortgage payments to a family member are not eligible expenses.
•   Applicants are not eligible for childcare assistance if the childcare provider is not licensed.

Required documents:

Income (one of the following must be submitted for every adult member of the household)
•   February and August checking and savings bank statements (highlight wages/income), OR
•   February and August pay stubs, OR
•   Written explanation (if no income or self-employed with cash income not deposited in bank account), OR
•   Proof that income has been verified by an approved organization

•   August savings account statement for each adult in the household
•   Certification of Savings Amount (if no savings or saving not kept in savings account)

Household Size
•   2019 personal income tax return, OR
•   Certification of household size

•   August bills
•  Mortgage statement (if applying for mortgage assistance)

Financial Impact Due to COVID-19
   Employer-generated notice of termination, furlough, or reduction in hours, OR
•   Certification of economic impact (if self-employed)

Applicant’s Identity
•   Primary Applicant: Birth certificate, passport, certification of citizenship/naturalization, or alien registration card
•   Other adults in the household: Texas driver’s license or other government-issued identification
•   Children: SSN cards, birth certificates, or SNAP/TANF award letter

Applicant’s Address (Applicant must submit one of the following documents with address that matches primary residential address)
•   Texas driver’s license, OR
•   Other government-issued identification, OR
•   Unexpired voter registration card OR
•   Utility bill

Other Required Documents that Applicant Must Submit
•   Signed W-9 (Download here: https://www.irs.gov/forms-pubs/about-form-w-9)
•   Certification from parent regarding necessity of childcare (if applying for childcare grant)
•   Signed agreement to participate including authorization for landlord/childcare provider to release information

Documents to be Provided by Landlord
•   Signed lease
•   August rental/mortgage invoice (including any past due amounts)
•   Signed agreement to participate including bank account info and agreement to not evict/charge late fees/interest

Documents to be Provided by Childcare Provider
   TDFPS license number
•   Most recent childcare invoice with child(ren)’s full names (including any past due amounts)
•   Signed agreement to participate including bank account information and agreement not to terminate childcare services due to past-due childcare invoice

Status of program: The pre-application will open on August 24, 2020 and will close on September 14, 2020.

Email: ntxsmallbiz@ndconline.org


DeSoto Residential Assistance Program Instructional Video – Part 2


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