NDC’s Multicultural Community Investment

Taking our place within a national commitment to redress the historic and stubborn economic inequities for people of color.  Connecting the broad range of NDC’s development services – finance and lending, training and capacity building, technical assistance — to a local ecosystem of partners and stakeholders in communities of color.   

We counsel providing strategic guidance and technical assistance for community development, with more than 50 years of bringing development and capital to underserved communities throughout the country.  

We lend – to younger businesses owned by BIPOC and women, with pre-loan counseling, mentoring, training and coaching. To more established businesses owned by BIPOC and women, with larger patient, flexible loans of more than $150,000.  To strengthen the economic base of the community, provide jobs and build civic strength. 

We invest – in affordable housing, in community facilities, commercial and industrial economic development projects to enhance economic opportunity and neighborhood strength.  

We train – building the capacity of small business owners, of community-based developers, of local development professionals – so they can maintain and expand their roles in job creation, community building and civic health. 

We build – as development partners with local developers, as providers of social infrastructure.  

MCI functions only within a local ecosystem of residents, organizations, institutions and businesses.  Local leadership and stakeholders identify their priorities and harness NDC’s resources to meet them. 

The MCI currently targets the following geographic areas: