February 3, 2015

NEW YORK, N.Y.— NDC has opened its call for community development project submissions for the NDC Academy 2015. Over 200 projects from across the country are expected to be entered in four categories: creative financing, job creation, housing development, and community development.

The NDC Academy 2015 Awards will recognize and celebrate our nation’s most dedicated and innovative community development professionals and their work through peer-selected voting on the submitted projects.  Projects submissions will be accepted until February 21, 2015. There is no fee to submit your project.
Register for an informational Q&A webinar that will provide you with all the details on the NDC Academy 2015 Awards and how to submit your project at WWW.NDCACADEMY.ORG.

The theme of NDC Academy 2015 is “Your Work Moves Your Community And Our Country Forward.” To support the work of nonprofit and local government development professionals across our nation, it’s more important than ever to teach these leaders how to fully utilize the federal, state, and local development finance toolbox – and how to preserve, enhance, and expand it.  The NDC Academy’s unique structure allows for a synergistic flow between attendees and government officials while combining in-depth training for practitioners, and also providing a forum for attendees to have a voice on Capitol Hill. To ensure that attendees are successful in these Capitol Hill communications, NDC provides a “Capitol Hill Primer” that outlines key players, protocols, policies, and programs.

Over 400 community development practitioners attended NDC Academy 2013 from over 40 states and 230 communities and participation is projected to surpass 500 for Academy 2015. Our participants represent a broad range of professionals including non-profit community development organizations, housing authorities, city, federal and state government agency staff, and development partners from the philanthropic, banking, legal, and accounting industries.

Learn more about the NDC Academy 2015 at NDCACADEMY.ORG.