April 1, 2013

Submissions came in from cities and communities across the nation in unprecedented numbers, the following 24 finalists have been chosen to compete for top honors in the following categories- Community Development, Creative Financing, Housing Development and Job Creation.

Community Development

– DC Housing Authority- Howard Theatre

– Neighborhood Progress, Inc.

– Anchorage Community Land Trust

– United Fund Advisors, LLC

– Neighborhood Development Center

– Wyoming Community Development Authority

Creative Finance

– Travois New Markets

– Forest City Economic Development

– City of Fort Collins

– Urban Strategies, Inc

– City of Cleveland

– Jefferson-Werner, LLC

Housing Development

– City of Cincinnati- Department of Community Development- Housing Division

– Lake Worth CRA

– Carrfour Supportive Housing

– Rural Ulster Preservation Company

– Low Income Housing Institute

– KSK Architects Planners Historians, Inc.

Job Creation

– City of Saint Paul

– DC Housing Enterprises

– Green City Growers Cooperative

– Cuyahoga County- Economic Development Division

– City of Cleveland Department of Economic Development

– Geauga County Economic Development